Bear & Wolf Cafe – Tufnell Park, North London (Review)

Imagine the scene: You and your parent friends are sat in a café enjoying a freshly brewed, and still hot, coffee with a slice of cake… your young children are playing in the adjoining room – a room filled with various toys, numerous books, Happy Hopperz and much, much more – a room entirely dedicated to children aged 4/5 years or younger.

Sound too good to be true? We thought so too until we visited the newly opened Bear & Wolf Café in Tufnell Park – possibly the first café dedicated to parents and children.

With its blue shop front and discreet shop sign, you could easily walk past it if you’re in a hurry, however the inside of the café tells a very different story. Take a step inside it is abundantly clear that every little detail has parents and children in mind.

Lets start with the café – the seating is primarily long benches and chairs around big tables; a breakfast bar with tall stools on the right; sideboards of delicious cakes and breads; a counter displaying fresh fruit and vegetables; an outside area with seating, and a buggy parking area. Yes that’s right, an actual area inside the café where you can park your buggy! No more trying to steer your buggy around chairs or leaving your buggy outside at the mercy of British weather.

Food – For the adults, there is fresh coffee, soft refreshments, smoothies, cereal, cakes, and usual café fare. For the children there are juices, kiddie size cakes, cereals and a dedicated kids menu.

Cub room (play room) – With shelves bursting with toys and books, this is a brilliant space which will keep children entertained for hours on end. This room also leads to the outdoor seating area which is covered in artificial grass. This may seem odd but it is actually very clever – it is softer than concrete or paving, and it will not leave mud and grass stains on clothes.

Bathroom facilities – this is a spacious room with a dedicated baby changing area with baby wipes, and a separate room within it which houses the toilet – and even here a child’s toilet seat and foot stool are provided.

Bear & Wolf have certainly thought of everything a parent or child could possibly want and Bubba and I will definitely be becoming regular customers here.


Outdoor seating (Bear and Wolf) Latte (Bear & Wolf) Cub Room 3 (Bear and Wolf) Cub room 2 (Bear and Wolf) Cub room (Bear and Wolf) Breakfast Bar (Bear and Wolf)








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